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Engage and grow your brand and customer reach, as well as build community

and advocacy by activating it through a highly integrated experience.

Brand Activation at the Intersection of Music & Culture


One of the fastest ways to grow your audience and customer base, as well as build community and brand advocacy for your brand, is by activating it through a highly integrated experience.

Putting on an event allows you to directly interact with your potential market, give them an experience, distribute your products and services, grow your global social profile and much more.

We provide that experience with live music events that showcase your brand and put you directly in the center of your target consumer.

You don't have time for all the logistics of putting together a live event with some of the world's best talent and venues, as well as market it or brand it, so let us do this for you, on budget and within a highly executed timeframe to your preference.

For our process... READ BELOW

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We will find the right venue, book top music talent, and handle all production (sound, lighting, decor and more).


Wanna do more than 1 city or go international? We got you covered. 500 people or 5,000? No problem. Logistics are our thing.

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There's marketing and then there's marketing. We're the latter.

We can facilitate email marketing to the tune of 160K+ people, as well as run targeted advertising campaigns with Facebook and Instagram from your pages.


We also work with some of the most talented graphic designers, videographers and photographers in each market to create original content from each event for later distribution.


We learned from the best & have a few on our team.

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It's your party, we're just producing it.


We make sure your brand is completely integrated into the experience from the entrance, to the stage / DJ booth, to the entire venue.


"Your Brand presents.... Major Lazer" - You get the idea.

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When you have access to so many people, the only natural thing to do is distribute your products or promote your services. It's much easier when your audience is already there.


Not only can we help with distribution, but we can also assist you with promotional materials, deals for your products and much more.


Additionally, our video and camera crews will also be in attendance creating original content, which is greatly expanded through large, collective social reach garnering millions of views in real time.

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Looking to align with your target audience, promote your brand, distribute your products and be a part of the whole experience? We got you covered.

We don't just help people throw parties, we can also embed you into one. Big or small, we love integrating great brands directly into the experience for everyone to enjoy.

We have a variety of party brands to choose from. Be sure to download a copy of our deck below to view some examples.


A few great brands we've worked with:


Want a copy of our deck?

Enter your info below and a copy of your deck will be sent straight to your inbox.

"There is a link between music and memory... Songs can stir powerful emotions

and transport us... In essence, they unlock the unconscious mind and help

people create memories." - Tiffany Jenkins (BBC)

A copy of our deck is on the way to you!!

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