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Ep. 43 · Flume ft. Toro y Moi · The Difference · Cover by MITYA

ABOUT MITYA MITYA is a psych pop project of a self-taught musician Mitya Burmistrov based in Kazan, Russia. His music is inspired by 60's psychedelia, 70's pop music, 80's dance grooves.

MITYA has performed at TED Talks, Ableton Loop, MoogFest with special music projects, also became a RBMA bass camp and OneBeat fellow. He has released 4 EP's from 2015, performed with the Kazan National Orchestra and released the "Searching for Sound" project with Red Bull and Ableton.

MITYA also runs runs side projects such as meta Russian rock band Chernii Gosudar (Чёрный Государь) and a blend of acid house with Tatar ethnic and ironic pop-elements under the moniker Acid Minerale.

Check out more of MITYA's music here:

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