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Ep. 10 · Kaytranada & Kali Uchis · 10% · Cover by GaspAndDrums & @wonderomaane

About Gaspanddrums:

Gaspard Monjauze is a 13-years-old musician from Poitiers, France. He started in music by playing the drums when he was 4. He has been studying music at the conservatory for the last 7 years and now he produces his own tracks although he also likes to do covers. He is part of several bands, ranging from classic to funk, and he would like to continue working in that direction..

Watch more of GaspAndDrum's videos here:

About Wonderommane:

Romane Monjauze is a 20-years-old visual artist from Poitiers, France. She began with photography at the age of 10 and more recently she started directing video clips, documentary and short movies. On top of that, she likes to sing, although it isn't her main activity. She has also learned piano for 7 years when she was a kid.

Watch more of @wonderomaane's videos here:

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