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Ep. 18 · The Strokes · Eternal Summer · Cover by Joe Edelmann & Lucas Vallim

ABOUT JOE EDELMANN Joe Edelmann is a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter from New Jersey. He has performed as a guitarist and vocalist with several local bands, including Burne Holiday, an original music project formed alongside his classmates from Princeton University, and Howl, a Jersey Shore-area cover band. Joe began engaging with YouTube a few years ago, filming a full-album tribute to Radiohead’s OK Computer with Burne Holiday. He has since grown his channel to nearly 13,000 subscribers with content ranging from covers of numerous artists to instructional videos and original compositions. His cover of Radiohead’s ‘Everything In Its Right Place’ currently has over 86,000 views. Joe’s musical journey has also fostered new friendships and collaborations with talented musicians and YouTube creators across the globe, including Japan’s Taka Koshinaka (a.k.a. Fluffy Momo) and Brazil’s Lucas Vallim.

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ABOUT LUCAS VALLIM Lucas Vallim is a designer and musician based in São Paulo, Brazil. He began making cover videos on YouTube as a hobby. His renditions of Radiohead’s “Spectre” and Pink Floyd’s ”Breathe” currently have over 71,000 and 31,000 views, respectively. Lucas continues to work on songs from a variety of artists, including The Strokes, Coldplay, and Keane as well as classic Brazilian musicians like Tom Jobim. His style ranges from more complex orchestrations to stripped-down acoustic renditions, both of which he really enjoys. Lucas also released an experimental album named Luna, a space-themed work full of ambient tones and deep soundscapes, on which he played all instruments. He has collaborated with other talented musicians around the world, but most frequently with Joe Edelmann, with whom he has developed a strong friendship and correspondence. With his multi-disciplinary talent, Lucas designed the artwork for Joe’s 2019 single “Marionette” as well as a number of his own releases.

Watch more of Lucas's videos here:

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