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Ep. 2 · Tame Impala · Borderline · Cover by Spilly Cave

ABOUT SPILLY CAVE Spilly Cave is a 22 year old music producer/multi instrumentalist from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He started taking music lessons when he was 10 years old, and music took over his life ever since. He moved to New York City to attend college at the New School where he met Samia and Taylor Mackall. He played in both of their groups and recorded guitar on Samia's single 'Welcome To Eden'. He played Classical Guitar and co wrote a song on Taylor Mackall's 2017 album 'The Boy and the Saints': recorded at Grammy winning producer Dave Way's studio with musicians Charlie Culbert, Sam Gendel, Sam Wilkes, Fabiano Nascimento, and Sean Hurley. In 2017 he started producing his own music, and released his first full album in 2019 'Winter'. He's currently working on a new record.

Watch more of Spilly's videos here:

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