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Ep. 31 · Unknown Mortal Orchestra · Hunnybee · Cover by Pieter Schrevens

ABOUT PIETER SCHREVENS Pieter Schrevens is a Belgian musician and producer who makes looping videos of his favorite indie artists (e.g Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, etc.) on YouTube. He plays a part on a guitar, runs over to a keyboard or stumbles onto a drum kit, always leaving a trail by visually cloning himself or by popping up on old analog televisions as the song unfolds. This way, you get to hear the song stripped down to its most fundamental core elements and hear how it slowly builds up in layers. His voice resembles a sober and emotional Kevin Parker, as the video editing slowly hypnotizes the viewer with its ever-repeating elements.

Check out more of Pieter's videos here:

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