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Ep. 32 · 4EVER · Cover by Raquel Lily

ABOUT RAQUEL LILY A talented singer, songwriter, producer and guitarist, it wasn’t until 2017, after she earned her degree in Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior from UC Davis, that she really began to showcase that passion via online streaming. Born in the Philippines, raised in New York and currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, the Twitch Star has earned herself a strong global following, with scores of people tuning in to watch her perform her music, chat, game and cook.

There is much truth and power to and in the music Raquel makes; she admits that songwriting is a cathartic experience for her, allowing her to express many emotions that so many people around the world often struggle to admit they have. (PopWrapped)

Using a multicultural childhood to infuse her music with an amalgam of sounds and instruments, she delivers a fresh and unique sound, entirely her own. Her upcoming debut album, entitled I'm Leaving, details themes associated with tribulations of life as a young adult. She discloses, "Everyone's been broken from something. You smoke some weed, fall in love, they're a fuccboi, you ghost them, you still love them, you resign, you meet someone new and there's hope again." (EARMILK)

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