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Ep. 38 · Koffee · Toast · Cover by CLAAP!

ABOUT CLAAP! They live in France. Her name is Santana. His, Sylvain. They are CLAAP! Together, they write avant-garde pop songs. They also are well versed DJ's and very talented live artists who have been performing all over the world.

Influenced by pop culture and club culture, Santana and Sylvain enjoy making people dance. They also draw their inspiration from the diversity of their African, South American and French roots, from their travels and from their encounters. CLAAP!’s music is an invitation to freedom, a journey beyond terrestrial and musical boundaries, without limits or etiquette, but always infused with a pop je-ne-sais-quoi.

CLAAP!’s music is featured on radio stations such as Dublab (Los Angeles), The Lot (NYC), Radio Nova (Paris), Rinse FM, Kiosk (Brussels), in fashion campaigns like those of Louis Vuitton or Vogue, in shows such as Beats in Space by Tim Sweeney and on many compilations like Technikart magazine’s.

Their track “Dimanche” has been streamed more than 2 million times on Spotify.

CLAAP! is signed on labels such as Yuksek's Partyfine, Exploited in Berlin, La Belle in Paris or 2MR in New York. They collaborate with artists such as Feadz on Ed Banger, or Mike Simonetti (ex-Italians Do It Better) - with whom they released the vinyl “Release” - acid house hit in the underground club scene ranked in Resident Advisor’s top 50.

On stage, Santana sings and plays the percussions while Sylvain is on synths duties.

The richness of their music is matched only by their complicity, which radiates through each of their concerts. CLAAP! seduces every audience it performs for, from clubs such as Petit Palace in Paris to festivals such as Calvi On The Rocks in Corsica or Decks On The Beach in Beirut, through underground parties in New York and concert venues in Los Angeles.

With over 10 years behind the decks as DJ’s, Santana and Sylvain always have the right track for the right time. Whether it's from the most exclusive clubs such as Petit Palace in Paris to festivals in Belgium, private parties in NYC, pool parties in LA, radio shows and cocktails, CLAAP!’s selection is sonic seduction in the air while hypnotizing the crowd with exclusive delights from their producer friends or with their own unique edits, remixes and original productions.

Supported by artists such as Pete Tong, Erol Alkan, Yuksek, Michel Gaubert, Pedro Winter, Chloé, Jennifer Cardini, Todd Edwards and many more, CLAAP! has been dropping its sweet and unique sound in festivals and venues all around the world — International Film Festival (Cannes), Paradise City (Brussels), Calvi On the Rocks (Corsica), Decks On The Beach (Beirut), Le Bain (NYC), La Clairière (Paris), Le Baron (Tokyo, NYC, Paris), Leonor (Mexico City), Echoplex (LA), etc.

CLAAP! shines like a sunny day on the musical landscape.

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