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Ep. 44 · BENEE · Same Effect · Cover by Marylou Villegas

ABOUT MARYLOU VILLEGAS Marylou is a 22 year old singer-songwriter based in Vancouver, BC! She found her love for music quickly after she figured out how to use her dad’s karaoke machine. Marylou has been singing and writing songs ever since she was 6 years old. Back in 2018, she released her first EP “Voice Memos” that can be found on all music platforms like iTunes, Spotify, etc. Although she loves the adrenaline of performing for an audience, she finds more comfort singing in front of her camera on staircases. She first started making youtube videos back in 2012 when she was only 12 years old. Today, you can find Marylou on Youtube singing covers and original songs for her +160,000 subscribers!

Check out more of Marylou's music here:

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