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Ep. 45 · Justin Bieber · Yummy · Cover by Cloudchord

ABOUT CLOUDCHORD A specialist in augmenting musical possibility, Derek VanScoten is the producer, guitarist and Emmy-winning musician behind Cloudchord. His remarkable technical skills on the guitar give a refreshing take on atmospheric dance music, solidifying Cloudchord’s place in the world of psychedelic chillhop beats.

For those who enjoy the ethereal sounds of Bonobo, the basslines of FKJ, and slick neo guitar strums, Cloudchord curates a vibe of something yet untouched. His recent works, ​Moon Fortune and ​Attunement​, transport you to a New York City rooftop, where grooves and sunshine wrap around you in the midst of a hazy summer. In his latest LP, ​Reverence​, Cloudchord brings acoustic beats to the forefront - a departure from his usual but a cohesive body of work in the making nonetheless. Fans can expect a continued exploration of Cloudchord’s signature guitar riffs and uplifting sounds in years to come.

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