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Ep. 47 · Jayda G · Both Of Us · Cover by Melchior Sultana & Janelle Pulo

ABOUT MELCHIOR SULTANA Beautifully talented Melchior Sultana, born in Malta in 1986, is a composer and multi instrumentalist. Growing up in an atmosphere of rich traditions, culture and arts in the middle of the Mediterranean can deeply sculpt a spirit. Melchior Sultana represents music as an art with no boundaries.

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ABOUT JANELLE PULO Malta based Electronic music producer, vocalist Multi instrumentalist, and truly gifted Janelle Pulo known for her experimental unique projects released on her own imprint Dimensional Shift record label. Janelle has also released on labels such as Profound Sound, Deep Inspiration Show, Deep Art Sounds, Three Fingerz Musique, and Love Above Records and performed Live in various clubs around Europe such as Loftus Hall in Berlin, Mauke Club in Wuppertal, Liquid Club in Malta, Blank festival in Comino to name a few.

Watch more of Janelle's videos here:

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