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Ep. 5 · Parcels · Tieduprightnow · Cover by Markus Tautz & Lucas Adlhoch

About Markus Tautz:

Markus Tautz is a 27 year old multi instrumentalist from Regensburg, Germany. He started playing the piano at the age of 3 and multiple other instruments later on. Next to professional piano and organ lessons he has taught himself how to play guitar, electric bass, drums and synthesizers. Other than playing music, he’s very interested in listening to almost all types and genres of music and collecting and optimizing musical equipment. Over the last years, he’s written and recorded two full length albums for his band Take Off Your Shirts. Also, he’s played together with Lucas Adlhoch in psychedelic rock band The Strayin’ Sparrows. And yes, he’s got a PhD in chemistry and works a part time 35h job in the industry to pay off all the 60s Fender guitars and to provide variety.

About Lucas Adlhoch:

Lucas Adlhoch is a 24-year-old multi instrumentalist and music producer from Regensburg, Germany. Starting out by taking drum lessons at the age of 12, he has become fluent on various other instruments like the electric guitar, bass and synthesizers, while also honing his vocal skills over the years. Playing in touring bands — first regionally, then nationally — has helped him gain a lot of experience. This ultimately led him to pursue a career as a full time music professional, all while completing a degree in civil engineering. His passion is not limited to producing hit singles with millions of plays on streaming services; he also works as a front-of-house mixing engineer and is on the road whenever possible.

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