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Ep. 35 · Little Dragon · Another Lover · Cover by Apollo Mighty ft. Danny Kulasik

ABOUT APOLLO MIGHTY Apollo Mighty is an R&B/Soul artist based out of Chicago in the United States. Originally from Memphis, TN, from a young age Apollo had a strong passion for music.

“Music was the first thing that I gave myself that gave itself back to me. There was just always something about the marriage of melody and emotion that captivated me. I can still remember jingles from when I was 3 because they had meaning to me. Discovering ways to create that relationship between word, sound, and emotion has always challenged and excited me. So much that I study it and am able to experiment. Music gives me a place to feel safe and free and playful. Creating music feels like alignment to me. It lifts me.”

His previous releases “Solid Gold”, “Forbidden Fruit” and “Let Go” have amassed hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify alone and have been featured on multiple official Spotify playlists such as “Fresh Finds” and “Fresh Finds: The Wave”.

He recently released his EP 'Behavior' which features a diverse assortment of soulful contemporary R&B tracks. Apollo’s music is an extension of his past experiences. He is a proud advocate of the LGBTQIA community and the Black Lives Matter movement. His lyrics are centered around his personal evolution amongst the continually evolving world. The lead single of his EP is called 'Arrival' and features NBC Chicago Fire actress MR Mayo. Daniel Kyri (Ritter on NBC Chicago Fire) stars in and directed the video. In conjunction of the release of his EP 'Behavior', Apollo launched his IG LIVE Series 2020Behavior where he talks to celebrities, influencers and creatives asking them "What their 2020 behaviour is, in this world at this moment"

Apollo Mighty's sound has been described as "a mix of John Legend and Kid Cudi" and "The Weeknd meets Frank Ocean”.

Watch more of Apollo's videos here: |

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